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Twinkl’s Take: How is AI supporting educators globally

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Twinkl, as a leading educational resource publisher, is continuously engaging in current trends to further support educators.

In recent months, the use of AI tools has gained attention for their potential to assist teachers across various aspects of their roles. As educators face mounting challenges, these AI tools have the potential to alleviate some of the pressure by streamlining administrative tasks and allowing teachers to refocus on what truly matters – teaching.

From ChatGPT to other AI applications, the realm of education has been transformed. While some celebrate these apps as valuable aids in reducing administrative burdens, others raise valid concerns regarding their misuse by older students during examinations and coursework.

A January 2023 academic paper titled “Chatting and Cheating: Ensuring Academic Integrity in the Era of ChatGPT” highlights the challenges and concerns posed by AI tools, particularly with regards to academic honesty and plagiarism.

While not all AI systems have been met with equal enthusiasm, Twinkl remains committed to providing educators with the necessary tools to support their teaching. Twinkl believes that AI-powered educational tools and platforms are reshaping the educational landscape, empowering teachers to enhance the diversity of their teaching materials.

“We are witnessing an exciting transformation in education as AI technology further supports educators by giving them access to new tools and technologies to enhance the learning experiences for their students. The role of educators has never been more important and at Twinkl, we understand the challenges and pressures teachers are facing. We wish to support our educators as we explore how these new technologies will impact teaching and learning. We view AI as another tool—one that has the potential to support and enhance educators’ capabilities and save them time.” says Leon Smith, Chief Customer Officer at Twinkl, and former teacher. 

Twinkl offers a range of tools with enhanced AI capabilities to assist educators with various tasks. Among these is the recently updated report writing tool—a teaching friend, to support the needs of educators. Aligned to the curriculum, this tool allows users to select statements from the full breadth of the curriculum, accurately reflecting their learners’ progress. With AI enhancements, the tool transforms chosen statements into a finished report at the touch of a button, relieving the stress of report writing and giving educators the time they need.

Twinkl is also launching its own AI assistant, Ari, this month, in line with its founding mission to support educators.

The Twinkl AI assistant, Ari is designed to support educators by providing them with the ability to reduce the time taken to produce their teaching content. With the use of set prompts, Ari can generate responses from the data it receives, allowing educators to save time, find inspiration and be supported with their lesson planning. Similarly, to other AI assistants, Ari encourages educators to leverage their wealth of experience when creating materials, rather than relying solely on AI-generated content.

Twinkl takes pride in not using AI to generate teaching content, instead entrusting this task to real, experienced human teachers. The AI tools developed by Twinkl have been carefully crafted to enhance educators’ capabilities, save them time, and reduce their workloads.

Twinkl’s AI Assistant, Ari, and the report writing tool are accessible to Ultimate members through our website. For more information, please visit our website here.


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