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Book for all schools will help teachers and pupils unearth the “diversity and complexity” of Wales’s history

History Grounded will be provided to all schools in Wales to give all pupils an insight into Wales’s history.  

The illustrated book, by Dr Elin Jones, a former teacher, will be provided to schools in both Welsh and English.

The book provides a visual history of Wales over 5,000 years, covering Wales’s history from early settlement and society up to the present day, taking in important points throughout our past and across communities, with maps and illustrations. The book explains the way in which the landscape of Wales has been shaped by its history.

The book will be provided to schools in early 2022, as part of a range of actions from the Welsh Government to support the teaching of Wales’s history in the new Curriculum, to be taught from the start of the 2022/23 academic year.

Improving the teaching of Welsh history is one of the commitments outlined in the Co-operation Agreement between Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Government, with plans to develop new teaching resources to explain Wales’ diversity and complexity.

Jeremy Miles, the Minister for Education and the Welsh Language, said:

“We want to ensure all pupils leave school with an understanding of our nation’s history – not just the major events, but through the lives and experiences of people and communities from all over Wales.

History Grounded really helps bring Wales’s rich history to life and will be a fantastic teaching resource for our new curriculum.”

Elin Jones said:

“The new curriculum gives proper importance to pupils’ cynefin, their local area and Welsh history in all its diversity. The aim of the book is for young people to understand how history has shaped the landscape of Wales and how the clues to the history of their cynefin can be found around them in things like buildings and local place names.

“I hope both children and teachers alike enjoy the book and that it helps bring the complex history of Wales to life, inside and outside the classroom.”

Sian Gwenllian, Plaid Cymru’s lead designated member for the Co-operation Agreement, said:

“As the national story of Wales becomes a compulsory part of the curriculum, the provision of Dr Elin Jones’ seminal work for every school in Wales is a positive development.

“The teaching of Welsh history is an integral part of ensuring that young people in Wales understand their nation’s past, present and future. This additional resource will help ensure the Welsh curriculum is comprehensive and that teachers are adequately supported in its delivery.”

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