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Gi Group Champions Initiatives for Over-50s Re-entering Workforce

Award-winning, industry leading recruitment specialists Gi Group , which operates in every major city in the country, is lighting the way for its sector in championing initiatives that support over-50s to re-enter the workforce.

Operating through 86 UK branches and sites, Gi Group has recently received the Rest Less Age Diverse Employer accreditation, as a partner of the organisation—which is also known for being the UK’s fastest growing digital community for the over-50s.

Gi Group is actively listing its current vacancies on Rest Less, and is keen to demonstrate its commitment to supporting older people in the application and recruitment process.

Chief Operating Officer at Gi Group UK, Paul Smith, said:

“No matter what size or sector your business fits into, there’s currently a veritable storm of factors making the job of recruiting a challenge for today’s employers—from expectations around pay and benefits, to how to better engage and enable those they hire to ensure they stay in post.

Ensuring your workforce gets—and keeps—individuals with the right skills is vital to making an organization more competitive. Fortunately, our skilled recruitment consultants have their finger on the pulse of candidate expectations and behaviours, be it Gen Z or those returning to work in their 50s.

“However, to get the right talent, employers need to think and act differently. At present, Britain is missing one million workers, and employers are continuing to face an ongoing skills shortage. The over-50s are therefore a demographic that companies ignore at their peril. Put simply, the over-50s can often bring the skills and experience that many companies currently lack and genuinely need.”

Paul explained that the fallout from the pandemic, combined with the cost-of-living crisis, has led to a growing migration of over 50s back into work – and so Gi Group is leading the way in priming their teams to attract and support this talented pool of workers.

Paul said: “Since the pandemic, we’ve seen the candidate shortage worsen and the cost-of-living crisis deepen, with a jump in the number of people classed as ‘economically inactive’ – meaning people who are not looking for jobs – which has of course had a direct impact on recruitment objectives and in turn our strategies for our customers.

“Against this backdrop, we’re seeing more and more over-50s re-entering the workforce – and they’re telling us it is a combination of the cost-of-living crisis combined with the after-effects of the pandemic that’s been the impetus in most cases, whereas others have decided retirement isn’t for them yet and want to be busy again.

“These workers are very much sought-after. They have experience, a unique understanding of responsibility and perspective, and often all of the personality traits needed to contribute effectively to a progressive, dynamic, and reliable team.

“Our expert consultants up and down the UK are perfectly placed to support and advise this group of workers, finding the perfect roles for them at the right time. We speak daily with our customers to ensure we’re matching the right person to the right role and we hold firmly to the sentiment and core value that talent is talent, full stop. We’re thrilled to have been accredited by Rest Less and look forward to supporting more and more over-50s in finding their ideal job in 2023 and beyond.”

Stuart Lewis, Chief Executive at Rest Less, added:

“We are delighted to welcome Gi Group as a Rest Less partner and to recognise its efforts to support people aged 50+ back into the workforce. 

“As the government has committed to supporting more over 50s back into work, we’re delighted that more and more organisations like Gi Group are recognising how essential the skills and experience of this demographic are to a thriving, productive workforce.”

Gi Group prides itself on its award-winning approach to recruitment, which is centered around a commitment to supporting customers in future-proofing their workforces and in helping businesses build inclusive and diverse teams.

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