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Human Resources Jobs Demand Attractiveness

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HR will not become obsolete in the future as some think, in fact the demand has never been greater.

With the popularization of remote work following the pandemic, the question that arises is – will Human Resources (HR) departments/jobs become outdated?  Well, the simple answer is definitely no, as per the community’s demands at GBSB Global Business School.

GBSB Global monitors trends in business, and realizes that businesses need to adapt their HR approaches in order to evolve with the changing working conditions, and this is why it has included up-to-date courses in its curriculums.

According to GBSB Global Business School, the Human Resources team is responsible for driving an aligned, purpose-driven culture where everyone feels inspired to work smart and thrive. Adding to that, and in the current period of transformation, smart HR teams started stepping up to provide virtual engagement tactics and creating innovative ways to keep remote employees engaged, loyal and easily integrated into the company’s digitalized environment.

“While many employees have been working from home since the start of the pandemic, many have had a hard time adapting to distance work and the various tools it entails.

This is where Human Resources must be vigilant, monitoring how employees are handling their everyday tasks and keeping the workforce satisfied and productive, potentially mediating conflicts and misunderstandings” says GBSB Global’s HR professor, Dr. Nada Khaddage-Soboh.

This fact challenges the educational institutions who teach HR management to upgrade the curriculum to meet the new markets demands and this is what we at GBSB Global did through engaging Talent Management, Digital Human Resources Management and many other up-to-date HR courses.

“Outside of a company’s CEO or founder setting the tone, the Human Resources department is tasked with leading the way, making sure that the employee workforce has the proper tools, support, and culture in place to be effective” says Dr. Khaddage-Soboh.

It is clear that even though some companies may feel fragmented given the new, unusual setting, the demand for HR professionals is increasing.

Remote work is here to stay, and HR is the main responsible department to keep everyone working effectively, efficiently and happily.

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