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#FutureOfAssessment: Green Skills | Episode 6

Green Skills | #FutureOfAssessment Episode 6

Dream in Green – putting climate change at the heart of education

With the COP26 summit dominating the news agenda, in this week’s Future of Assessment series, Gavin O’Meara is joined by NCFE’s David Jones in a timely discussion with Beth Chaudhary from IfATE and Charlotte Bonner from ETF to look at green skills needs for both now and in the future. We know that achieving Net Zero by 2050 will require seismic changes from all sides, and that the role of education is fundamental in getting us there. It’s a huge and daunting task. We need to entirely rethink the way that we work, which is why acting swiftly to embed climate change at the heart of education worldwide is of the utmost importance. This show explored the DfE response to COP26 and what more is needed, clarity on green skills and how we work together to deliver them, as well as looking ahead and dreaming big. How can we weave sustainability through all sectors and all levels of education? How can we equip, empower and support young people to make a difference? And what does this mean for the future of assessment?

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