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Ian Bamford elected as vice-chair of AELP board

The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (@AELPUK) has announced that Ian Bamford, Chief Quality and Curriculum Officer, Paragon Skills, has been elected as vice-chair of its board.

Ian has been working in the Further Education and Skills sector for over 25 years in a wide variety of roles including both independent training providers and further education colleges. He is a practicing Ofsted Inspector with over 20 years’ experience, having carried out over 100 inspections. Ian takes over from Rob Foulston who recently stood down from the AELP board.

Ben Rowland, AELP Chief Executive, said:

“It is great to see Ian elected as vice-chair of the AELP board. This is a pivotal time for the skills sector so it’s great to have someone with Ian’s wealth of experience in this role, as AELP seeks to influence the next government. I would also like to pay tribute to Rob Foulston and the support he has provided to the organisation.”

Ian Bamford, AELP Vice Chair, said:

“It is a real pleasure to take up the role of Vice Chair of AELP. Having served on the board for four years, I feel well-equipped to offer robust support to the Chair and CEO, while making a significant impact in supporting our members and AELP colleagues. The next chapter of AELP is pivotal as we aim to influence the incoming Government by lobbying for key improvements in the ITP sector. I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming AELP conference and look forward to collaborating with our members in my new role. I have big shoes to fill following Rob Foulston as the previous Vice Chair, recognising the impact he made.”

Photo: Photo of Ian Bamford, from AELP

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