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Recruiting for Growth: Westfield Health appoint new board-level Chief Growth Officer

Tony Mucci appointed as Chief Growth Officer at Westfield Health

Sheffield-based health and wellbeing firm, @WestfieldHealth, have announced the appointment of Tony Mucci as Chief Growth Officer. 

Following the organisation’s 2020 acquisition of High Five and expansion into Europe, the new position is designed to enable the company to capitalise on and accelerate the group’s growth.

With more than 15 years’ experience in a range of organisations across the health and wellbeing sector, Mr Mucci joined Westfield Health in 2016, accepting his previous role of Commercial Director for the UK in 2020.

In his new role as Chief Growth Officer, he’ll retain responsibility for the overall commercial activities of the group, such as product development, market research and strategic partnerships and acquisitions, but will extend his focus to Europe, taking an active role in long-term business planning across the group.

The strategic importance of the role to the Westfield Health group is marked by Mr Mucci also joining the Board in his capacity as Chief Growth Officer subject to regulatory approval.

Talking about the significance of his new role in the current market, Tony Mucci said:

“The pandemic has shown individuals, businesses and governments just how critical health and wellbeing is. People are starting to think more proactively about their health and expecting employers to reflect these priorities.

“With demand for wellbeing support at work higher than ever after such a difficult year, the opportunity for growth in both the UK insurance and international corporate wellbeing markets is significant. I’m excited to take on this new role to find and capitalise on these opportunities to lead Westfield Health on its next phase of expansion and growth.”

The appointment was effective as of 1st September 2021.

Group CEO, Dave Capper, said:

“Our mission to make a healthy difference has remained constant throughout our 100-year history, but we’re always looking for new, better ways to make that difference to more and more people both in the UK and beyond.

“Over the past five years, Tony has been a key influence in helping Westfield Health look ahead and plan how to reach our strategic goals. His new role will enable him to continue to do this, but across a much wider geography and time period, increasing the impact he can have and the results we can expect.

“I’m excited to see how Tony and his team will help prepare Westfield Health for the next 100 years”.

Westfield Health group works with more than 9,000 clients across Europe to transform people’s mental and physical wellbeing.

With solutions ranging from health insurance to state-of-the-art gyms, the company creates bespoke wellbeing programmes that are tailored to companies, their goals and their people.

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