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Vacancies on CITB’s new Levy Strategy Committee

The Construction Industry Training Board (@CITB_UK) is inviting senior members of GB’s construction industry and independent experts to work on one of our biggest ambitions – modernising the Levy.

CITB’s Levy Strategy Committee has two vacancies – one employer representative from Wales and one independent member. 

The Committee will assess industry’s view of proposed changes to Levy legislation before making final submissions to the CITB Board and Department for Education (DfE). It will also support CITB in assessing the implications of different Levy rate models against strategic business objectives.

CITB Strategy and Policy Director Steve Radley, said:

“Having achieved Consensus and set the Levy arrangements for the next three years, we need to look to the future to ensure Levy arrangements move with the times and remain fit for purpose. It’s vital we agree the most efficient and fairest way to generate Levy and support training and Skills development in the industry for the rest of this decade”.

Interested candidates should have a good understanding of CITB’s objectives and priorities, and the skills and experience to assess the appropriateness of the Levy options under consideration.

For the independent representative vacancy, we are keen to receive applications from individuals working with the construction sector who have a strong skill set in finance and taxation.

To find out more and apply please click here. The closing date is Friday 31 December 2021.

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