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Additional Support for Ukrainian Higher Education Students in England

Michelle Donelan - Education Secretary

The government will provide additional funding to support Ukrainian higher education students in England and extend home fee status for Ukrainian students granted leave by the Home Office.

The Department for Education has said it will provide additional hardship funding to help universities support students affected by the war in Ukraine.

The Office for Students will distribute £4 million to higher education providers in England to to help Ukrainian nationals and Ukrainian-domiciled students who have been financially affected by the Russian invasion.

Ministers have also announced that Ukrainian students studying in the UK have been granted home fee status, meaning they pay the same tuition fees as domestic students rather than the more expensive international student fees.

A letter from Minister for Higher and Further Education Michelle Donelan:

Dear all,

I wanted to write to you as the Minister of State for Higher and Further Education in light of Russia’s unprovoked attack on your country and to set out some of the support that the Department for Education will be making available to you during this extremely difficult time.

Given the uncertainty that I am sure many of you are currently facing, the Department for Education has been working across Government and with the Higher Education sector to ensure you are supported throughout your studies during this time.

I have seen an extremely positive response from the higher education sector, and I am pleased that universities have already offered significant support to many of you, including through additional wellbeing and financial hardship support.

I wanted to make you aware that the Department for Education has made over £4 million of additional funding available to your universities to distribute to students from Ukraine who are currently studying at English Higher Education providers and who are in need of financial hardship assistance. This additional funding has been provided to help you to continue your studies and reduce the impact of any adverse financial implications of the conflict on your ability to learn.

We are also extending access to HE student support, home fee status, tuition fee caps, Advanced learner loans and FE19+ funding for those who are granted leave under one of the three schemes for Ukrainians introduced recently by the Home Office. This ensures those who have been affected by the war in Ukraine can access support on the same basis as those within other protection-based categories (such as refugees).

In line with those within existing protection-based categories, you would not be required to meet a three-year period of ordinary residence for HE support, Advanced Learner Loans or FE19+ funding, but would need only to have been ordinarily resident in the UK since your grant of leave.

The Government and I recognise the important contribution you make to the UK’s higher education sector, and we are extremely proud that so many students from Ukraine have chosen to study here.

Yours sincerely,

Rt. Hon. Michelle Donelan MP

Minister of State for Higher and Further Education

Sector Response

Minister for Higher and Further Education Michelle Donelan said:

“I cannot imagine ever having to balance studying against the backdrop of an unprovoked war on my country. We need to stand united with Ukraine.

“That is why at this difficult time, we are providing Ukrainian students in higher education (HE) with the support they need to complete their courses. This will range from providing over £4 million of additional hardship funding available to their universities, to extended access to HE student support.

“As seen by the incredible response from universities and colleges to the events in Ukraine, my plea is for Ukrainian students to remember they are not alone – we are working closely across Government and with universities to make sure that Ukrainian students have the support they need. Our sector is extremely proud that so many Ukrainian students have chosen to study in our world-class higher education system and we will be with them throughout their studies to ensure they reap its benefits”.

Professor Steve West CBE, President of Universities UK and Vice-Chancellor of UWE Bristol, said:

“Universities UK is pleased to welcome this announcement from the UK government.

“From the beginning of this crisis our members have been determined to find new ways to help their Ukrainian colleagues and friends. This funding offers practical, financial support for Ukrainian students affected by the conflict who are already studying here, as well as those feeling violence and terror. Our message to those individuals is simple: you are welcome here.

“The UK’s higher education sector can and must play a pivotal role in ensuring that Ukraine’s citizens, educational institutions and cultural capital can not only survive this crisis but emerge stronger.”

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