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Building Visibility: Unveiling Hidden Differences and Neurodiversity in Education – Reel #1

cognassist ep 1

Introducing Neurodiversity: Empowering Learning and Employment

Starting this week, FE News and Cognassist are collaborating to bring you a series of bitesize videos on neuro-inclusion in education and the workplace.

In Reel #1, Gavin O’Meara and Dr Louise Karwowski speak about neurodiversity and hidden needs.

You can’t see neurodiversity, so you have to speak up about it.

And that’s exactly how Gavin and Louise are kicking off the series, by talking about the continued personal development required to build our collective understanding.

Considering areas like:

  • Reading up on Government guidance and publications
  • The importance of sharing our stories and listening to neurodiverse voices
  • Understanding different traits and characteristics to identify and support people early on

The focus on SEND and reasonable adjustments for neurodiversity is growing, with new reforms ahead and increased scrutiny from employment discrimination tribunals.

Our education systems and workplaces, and all of us working in the education and employability sector, need to think about the different perspectives and way of thinking that people bring.

Neuro-inclusion is about making sure that every mind can thrive and that different thinkers feel valued and supported.

Neurodiversity is a growing movement, are you going to grow with it?

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