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Conquering global sustainability through education and TVET

Pictured above left to right – Deputy Director for Professional Affairs Dr Paryono, Centre Director of SEAMEO Voctech Dr Haji Mohd Zamri bin Sabli, MD of PTB Pengiran Hishamuddin, Regional Director Nisai Brunei, Mawar Othman

#Nisai2030 – Dedicated to achieving @UN’s #GlobalGoals through #education

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 have been described as “the closest thing the world has to a strategy” for creating a sustainable, thriving world.

With education being at the forefront of human progression, it is important to form partnerships to make a wider impact on climate change and global sustainability.

The Nisai Group strategy for the ASEAN region combines increasing awareness, promoting collaboration and delivering a solution to empower communities to work together and meet their commitment to SDG 2030.

Progress reports conducted by the United Nations show that despite progress being made in many countries, the world is not yet on track to achieve global sustainability by 2030. It has also been reported that whilst many countries have acted to protect the environment, the health of the earth is “deteriorating at an alarming rate” (UN, 2019).

The Nisai Group, an international education provider, believe that everyone deserves equal value and should have access to high quality education around the world. The Group recently launched a campaign called #Nisai2030 dedicated to achieving the SDGs through education.

A partnership to conquer global sustainability

To address this and take a step forward, The Nisai Group and PTB have partnered with the South East Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Regional Centre for Vocational and Technical Education and Training (VOCTECH) to bring innovation to technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programmes and English literacy.

At present, SEAMEO comprises 11 member countries, which include: Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar and Timor Leste. Therefore, this partnership will have a global impact with sustainability at its core.

The partnership with SEAMEO Voctech is aligned to the wider ASEAN strategy being delivered by the Nisai Group over the course of 2020. Through collaboration and with a focus on delivering programmes to meet local and community need, Nisai Group and Nisai-PTB have confidence in the progress and plans that will support learners of all ages across the region.

The Nisai-PTB Regional Centre (NPRC), a joint venture between the Nisai Group and PTB, will focus on accelerating education and TVET for the ASEAN region by providing a certification and accreditation route for learners accessing NOCN qualifications.

In addition, the Nisai Group has made a significant investment through the formation of Nisai Brunei, a local entity employing local teachers to deliver academic, vocational and technical qualifications across the ASEAN region. The inclusion of local teachers, trained by UK qualified staff ensures best practice in delivery and with local expertise, Nisai Brunei will also support and deliver literacy programmes delivered in the local language.

Technical qualifications will be accredited by the UK based awarding body NOCN, a Nisai strategic partner with a presence in multiple countries and with over 30 years’ experience in this field, are recognised by the UK qualifications regulator Ofqual. Together, Nisai-PTB have partnered with SEAMEO Voctech to prepare learners and businesses for the looming requirements of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Education and Skills – The key to Sustainable Development

The parties believe that education and skills are the key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the ASEAN region by 2030, to which Nisai partners with the UNESCO Institute for Informational Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) to enrich content of education and encourage ICT-driven and skills-based learning in education institutions worldwide to meet the challenges and commitments of the SDGs.

Nisai, PTB and SEAMEO Voctech will collaborate to bring innovation to TVET programmes and English literacy through a blended learning approach, encouraging lifelong learning and skills development.

Centre Director of SEAMEO Voctech, Dr Haji Mohd Zamri bin Haji Sabli expressed his jubilance on the collaboration:

“SEAMEO Voctech strives to develop as an organisation that is forward-looking and to stay relevant in the development of TVET in the ASEAN region.”

“We hope that this collaboration will be able to enhance TVET and human capital development in Brunei Darussalam and in the region to the next level.”

Dhruv Patel, CEO of The Nisai Group, said:

“Nisai is excited to partner with SEAMEO Voctech to help transform and strengthen its TVET programmes. By contributing to the SDGs through the power of education, our passion to make a difference perfectly complements the vision of SEAMEO Voctech and I believe this will be a fruitful partnership!”

Meanwhile, Managing Director of PTB, Pengiran Haji Alli bin Pengiran Jaya Indera Pengiran Haji Mokhtar Puteh, commented:

“PTB is dedicated to reducing unemployment and improving the community by introducing innovative techniques in teaching, learning and training of TVET skills which would meet the current and future requirements of industries in the region.”

“With accreditation of these programmes by the likes of the National Open College Network of the UK (NOCN) in the Nisai-PTB joint venture, we can be assured that these programmes will be internationally accepted. By providing those skills at ‘grassroots’ level, it is hoped that moving further into higher education will be within the reach of everyone.”

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