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Effective Tips on How to Make Your Job Easier

Sandra Whitney

Often, people spend a lot of time thinking about work than anything else in their life. The truth is that if work is made easier, life would also be both fun and exciting. So, here are four effective tips on how to make your job less cumbersome: 

1.      Use compression software

There is a number of different compression software that are used to compress or decompress files. The goal is often to reduce the size of the file so that it takes less than 40% of your hard disk space. Compression software makes it easy for you to share files via email. For instance, you can use it to reduce the size of an image from 100X to 10X so that it takes less time to upload on content sharing platforms. Given that you want the convenience of being able to view files from any location using their phones, this software also offers this advantage by enhancing mobility.

Additionally, compression software also promotes your work efficiency because you do not need to pose your tasks each time you want to download and upload files. Spending two or three minutes waiting for a file download or upload might not seem like much time, however, it can accumulate to a lot of wasted hours when it goes on for too long. Apart from creating zip files, they can also improve your workflow. For example, OCR technology enables you to search for files quickly with ease.

2.      Get rid of follow-up emails

Having your inbox fill up with follow-up emails make it difficult for you to respond to them to all. It also eats into your time as you try to find the right words to respond to them professionally. Suppose you are one of those people who get a ton of emails, you need to adopt an auto-responder system that lets people who have written to you know that you have received their message and will respond to it in due time.

This approach will put the senders at ease so that they do not keep writing to you to find out whether you saw their emails. While setting an auto-responder, you should get creative about it by incorporating responses to frequently asked questions. Doing so will make it easy for you to sort out the emails that you need to respond to promptly. Additionally, you will prevent yourself from ever having to respond to some of the emails with commonly asked questions.

3.      STOP multi-tasking!

Multi-tasking has you thinking like you are getting a lot of work done but in reality, it just slows you down. For instance, it causes you to lose the focus that you need to finish the important task at hand. Talking on the phone while writing a report or checking your email at the same time, for example, causes over-stimulation of your brain, resulting in memory impairment over time. It also increases your stress levels which can cause burnout, work absence, and- in severe cases- disability.

The effects of multi-tasking are also counterproductive because instead of getting work done efficiently, your productivity is reduced which can affect your profits and bottom-line. The negative effects of multitasking are felt most by small businesses that tend to have few workers. For these reasons, it is encouraged that you handle one task at a time beginning with the top priority ones. 

4.      Keep a handwritten to-do list

Sometimes you may have a lot to do in that you find yourself unable to stop thinking about the 101 things on your list. Thinking about these incomplete tasks can be a source of stress to you and can wear your mind out. In serious instances, you may find yourself unable to sleep because of it. This problem is known as the Zeigarnik Effect and can be alleviated. One of the ways to sort this issue is by handwriting your to-do list every day to de-clutter your brain. Simply putting down your thoughts will reduce your anxiety levels so that you do not develop stress. You will find that this approach makes you happier as you settle your nerves and complete the tasks at hand without any pressure. 


Work is always busy and stressful but you will only be productive when you make your job easier with compression software, handling one task at a time, handwriting your to-do list, and eliminating follow-up emails. These approaches will also make you enjoy doing your job!

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