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FAB Announces Appointment of Interim CEO, John McNamara

John McNamara FAB Interim CEO

The Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) Board of Directors is pleased to announce that John McNamara has been appointed as the FAB interim CEO with effect from 1 September 2023.

John takes over from Tom Bewick who has successfully led the Federation for the last five years, a period of enormous growth and activity for the organisation culminating in achieving the coveted Trade Association of the Year award in 2023. Tom will be leaving on 29 September, providing a one-month handover period.

John brings a wealth of strategic leadership experience from the commercial banking services, skills, and vocational education sectors and is the Chair of the Innovate Awarding Ltd Board of Directors.

His key objectives in this interim role are to:

  • Continue FAB’s highly effective UK-wide policy influencing programme.
  • Maintain close engagement with the FAB Board, wider membership, and the very professional and committed staff team.
  • Ensure that FAB contacts with external stakeholders are maintained and developed for mutual benefit.
  • Organise the efficient handover to the new permanent CEO when the Board have completed the selection process.

John McNamara’s biography can be read here.

The Board of Directors will be leading the recruitment process for a permanent CEO
which will commence in the summer

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