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Will OpenAI and ChatGPT transform innovation? FE Soundbite edition 677

Gavin O'Meara

Welcome to FE Soundbite edition 677: Will #OpenAI and #ChatGPT transform innovation? This is the weekly e-newsletter and e-journal brought to you be FE News ISSN 2732-4095. We know life is busy, so here is a snapshot of the latest announcements and cool thought leadership articles from influencers and cool thinkers across FE and Skills this week on FE News.

Very Sad to hear about Steve Lawrence’s passing

I heard this week that Steve Lawrence has unfortunately passed away. Steve was an incredibly cool guy, wise, but also passionate about the skills sector. I was only exchanging messages with Steve on the 22nd December, I know he was ill, but this was a real shock to hear the news. Steve was an unsung hero, he fought hard for the sector and was passionate about making impactful change. I know Steve will be dearly missed!

A year of Innovation and Celebration

Well I know I said that 2023 will be a year of celebration and innovation. 2023 is the 20th anniversary of FE News, last week was the 13th anniversary of FE Soundbite… this week was our 14th birthday on Twitter! So the celebrations continue!

OpenAI and ChatGPT – a game changer in innovation and content

So then onto more innovation in 2023 (we had the final server switch on Thursday night to get ready for two launches of new services on FE News… exciting!)… but we also had a real game changer in innovation in content on FE News this week, by my mate Jamie Smith – with an article all about AI, written by AI and ChatGPT! Very interesting.

If you are interested to hear what AI thinks about the future of AI.. well check out: The Power of OpenAI: Disrupting How We Live, Work and Learn – this also made an interesting debate and new policy on AI created content with the team at FE News (eg it is not a main feature and technically is not exclusive as the AI is taking ideas, opinions and content from across the web and other sources)… so that is interesting. OpenAI and ChatGPT is also growing so fast.. . that your lucky to get on it to ask the AI a question at the moment!

We have more AI, OpenAI and ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence articles and content on their way from a range of very interesting experts who have thought very deeply about this. It is a massive area of innovation, disruption and growth, in the future, but also like right now! … but there is so much to explore and think about with AI, the good, the bad and the potentially ugly! It is a very interesting area for the future of education, co-bots working with education professionals and learners and the future of work! We also set up an AI in education and work LinkedIn group. We asked AI what it wanted to call an AI LinkedIn group and it suggested: AI in Education Network – so please feel free to get involved (this is for AI geeks, newbies and the curious).

We had some really epic exclusive thought leadership articles this week on FE News. So if you missed them earlier this week, here they are!

An exciting announcement on it’s way from FE News, hopefully next week

I am hoping to share a really exciting announcement next week, which is a massive part of the 20th birthday celebrations, but also growth at FE News. We should be all lined up by then (innovating doesn’t all go to the second planning)… but it is exciting. So much exciting stuff is happening in the background here at FE News – I am really buzzing to share it all with you!

Anyway.. I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week!

Gavin, CEO and Founder, FE News and FE Careers

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