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The great disruption of Generation Z – what we need to consider today, to future proof for tomorrow

It’s no secret that today’s 15 to 18 year olds are well versed in all things tech. Brought up in a digital world, Generation Z are the future and have high expectations when it comes to digital technology. So then, it comes as no surprise that, like Generation Y before them, Generation Z will govern and control how businesses adopt and tackle new technology in order to appeal to this savvy new audience.

The problem? In order to keep pace with this tech hungry generation businesses need to be thinking ahead. In principle, you need to take the core elements of your operation and work out how applicable it is to this generation. Ask yourself… how can Generation Z access my offering? What does Generation Z need from me? Is what I consider new, really that ground breaking to a 15 year old? And, perhaps more importantly, how will that translate, four, five or even ten years down the line?

92% of Generation Z already own a smart phone, 91% use social media everyday and almost all of 15 to 18 year olds state that they can’t live without high speed internet: This new research reveals the unwavering power of online communications and it’s not set to slow down. Whether you’re a head teacher or a manager, the needs, aspirations and expectations of Generation Z will impact on your future success. To future proof your business, it’s essential that all things from wi-fi speed to your marketing strategy are considered. This generation is set to disrupt the way we work like none other before it – it’s an opportunity that should be embraced and taken seriously. 

Top tips for future proofing your business for the arrival of Generation Z:

  1. Tech, tech tech – one thing’s for sure, technology is the leading force for Generation Z. Tomorrow’s student is more than familiar with intelligent e-marketing, smart content and a more interactive and personalised online experience. Consider everything from the tech you have available in-house – be it wi-fi speeds or intranet platforms – to the way you’re utilising online tools to reach out and attract your target audience.
  1. Communication is key – Generation Z likes to chat, and it’s mainly online. Consider the platforms you have established and how they can be used to generate a hub to engage, attract and inform this generation. Hiding away from things like social media will simply mean you miss out on a huge slice of the pie.
  1. Embrace new media – whilst many businesses have been quick to adopt platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, in addition to digital marketing techniques like Google Adwords and e-mailers, this in isolation is simply not enough. At present Generation Z is using Snapchat more than YouTube. But have you ever considered it as a platform for your organisation? Take the time to research how Generation Z is accessing content and be sure to exploit it as part of your marketing strategy.
  1. Don’t be afraid to engage – it’s all well and good producing quality content, but Generation Z is spoilt for choice when it comes to digesting news, trends and information in general. To really attract loyalty and build a lasting relationship with this audience, you need to go the extra mile and strike a conversation. Engagement online should be a core tool to ensure you are establishing meaningful dialogues that stand the test of time.
  1. Stay abreast of the change – most importantly, invest in researching the changing market. Whilst the majority of organisations are time poor, taking time to research your audience and fully understand their needs will ensure you are strategic and targeted in your approach. Failing to do so will mean your approach dates and becomes old hat quickly. Take advantage of research other people have undertaken… take our Great Expectations of Generation Z research for example, the greater the understanding you hold for this audience, the more successful your approach will be. Long gone are the days where you could rely on putting a finger in the air and seeing which way the wind is blowing. Your targeting of Generation Z needs to be considered, smart and fresh. 

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