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UK Lockdown roadmap: Are the educational institutions prepared?

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With the easing of lockdown restrictions in the United Kingdom, the Government has set a new roadmap for educational institutions, workplaces, and businesses. COVID-safety measures must be adhered to by everyone, and the Government proposes various preventive strategies to reopen schools in the United Kingdom. But very little information is available about their application in various educational institutes. Several organisations are working tirelessly to reduce the risk of spreading the virus at academic institutions by offering effective safety solutions. 

It is complex to teach students, especially those in junior years, to follow all the safety guidelines to prevent COVID-19 in schools. Considering this, the UK government has issued detailed guidelines 1 for educational institutes to deliver high-quality face-to-face education after the lockdown. While adhering to the guidelines, it is also imperative that the educational institutes follow simple hygiene measures and a few additional precautions to be Covid-secure.

Ensuring a safe commute for Students and teachers 

The educational institutions are recommended to install Vehicle protection screens 2 while commuting to and from the establishments. The vehicle partition screens provide a durable, comprehensive and simplistic way to help shield teachers, drivers and students during school outings and the usual commute. The screens give an extra layer of protection with up to 95% surface coverage and avoid direct contact between the students, teachers, and drivers, without isolating them.

Promoting health & Hygiene: 

Every educational institute in the UK should promote health and hygiene practices 3 and follow the safety protocol ; 

  • Avoid touching the surfaces. 
  • Don’t touch your face, especially your eyes and nose. 
  • Wash hands often. 
  • Let the fresh air inside the classrooms. 
  • Sanitise the classrooms regularly and maintain an overall cleaning system to prevent the spread of the virus. 
  • Practice social distancing. 
  • Always carry a sanitiser and use it before and after touching anything that doesn’t belong to you. 
  • Get yourself tested if you come in contact with an infected person. 
  • Get a vaccine whenever it is available. 

Face coverings

The UK government has lifted the mandatory requirements of face coverings 4 in enclosed locations. However, people are encouraged to cover their faces when conversing with others or coming into contact with strangers. The students too are encouraged to cover their faces appropriately while travelling to school in public transportation or school-provided transportation and common areas.

Follow public health advice 

All the staff members and pupils should follow the UK’s Public Health System (PHS) advice. If anyone has symptoms related to Covid-19 or comes in contact with a sick person, they should not visit the school and self-isolate until they get a negative COVID test result. If any of the students or staff members have COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how trivial, you should tell them to go home and advise them to follow all the safety measures. 


The attendance 5 system is mandatory for all students to provide an excellent education. Remote education and work from home, on the other hand, should be available to those who have an asymptomatic infection and can work or learn from home.

Student wellbeing and support

During the UK lockdown, many students encountered mental health difficulties. Both students and teachers experienced anxiety, stress, and even depression during the lockdown. Mental Health Support Team can help both teachers and students reduce mental issues. The emotional health support system collaborates with the individual and family to identify the fundamental cause and manage various mental health problems. 

It is the right of every student to get a quality education and every teacher to work in a safe and healthy environment. However, they also must keep themselves secure to prevent the virus by following the school principles. Simple hygiene habits are necessary for public safety and health, but they are also required to reduce dangers in the future.

It is critical to ensure the safety of students and teachers. While the UK government is constantly expanding efforts to provide safety solutions for all, each individual must also play a crucial part in reducing the virus’s spread. We can victoriously come out of this challenging period by honestly and consciously doing our part of following the COVID safety solutions. 

Will Cattrall, Business Development Manager at Taxi Butler and Driver Bubble

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