From education to employment

Global platform set to transform education systems by bringing together pioneers, leaders, and innovators


In this episode, @AmanMerchant, the Co-Founder and Chief Provocateur at @RadicleHQ, a futures lab that delivers transformative solutions, discusses why he co-founded the RewirEd (@RewirEd2021) Sandbox.

This global platform is set to transform education systems and will help bring together pioneers, leaders, and innovators within and beyond the education sector to design ‘RewirEd Provocations’, the solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the education system globally today.

With 1.6 billion children missing out on an education – the RewirEd Sandbox will help create the RewirEd Provocations, north-star statements or questions that will help to move current thinking from the usual to the unusual and address systemic, complex, and structural challenges impacting the education system. The RewirEd Sandbox and Provocations will help shape the new global narrative for the education sector, and will be presented on a global scale at the RewirEd Summit during Expo 2020 Dubai.

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