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Inclusive Recruitment: The Catch22Minutes Podcast

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Workplace diversity and inclusion is an increasing area of focus for businesses large and small. From bringing in a broader range of perspectives to understanding your clients or customers better, the benefits of a diverse workforce are huge.

But if it’s so beneficial, why do many organisations struggle with inclusive recruitment? Why is it that the employment rate for disabled people is 29 percentage points below the non-disabled rate? And why is the percentage of unemployed people from Black and Minority Ethnic groups twice that of the White British population?

On today’s episode of Catch22Minutes, we welcome Antonia Tony-Fadipe, Inclusive Hiring Lead at The Body Shop UK & Global, and Vanessa Johnson-Burgess, Chief Executive of Inclusive Recruitment. You’ll also hear from Hayley Campbell who received support from Catch22’s Inspiring Families Programme when she was facing her own barriers to employment

Catch22Minutes Podcast

In each episode of Catch22Minutes, we delve into some of today’s major social challenges, sharing case studies and inviting frontline experts, industry leaders and young people to speak – all in pursuit of reforming public services.

For the first series, hosted by Catch22’s Director of Communications Melissa Milner, we are focussing on youth employment.

We discuss how society can better prepare young people for today’s job market, and what businesses and government can do to open up future opportunities.

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