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Innovation and Employer Engagement in Higher Education

#RethinkingEducation: The Edge Podcast

The Edge Podcast – Rethinking Education S1E2 

Edge is the independent foundation working to inspire the education system to give all young people across the UK the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to flourish in their future life and work.

In the course of our work with schools, colleges, universities, researchers and policy makers in the UK and internationally, we get the chance to meet some amazing colleagues. We want to give you the chance to meet them too and now through the Edge Podcast – Rethinking Education you can.

Each episode features Edge’s Executive Director, Olly Newton, or CEO, Alice Barnard, talking to two guests with a fascinating take on one of the key issues facing education today. At around half an hour each, we hope you can enjoy the podcast over lunch or on the move and if you’re inspired and want to find out more, join our community or connect with us on social media @UkEdge.

S1E2: Innovation and Employer Engagement in Higher Education

Rich employer engagement can help to bring education and the curriculum to life in all phases including in Higher Education, helping young people get more inspired and better prepared for the workplace. In this episode you will hear from:

  • Andy Boer, Principal of the Edge Hotel School at the University of Essex where students work towards degrees in hospitality management whilst running a working 4* hotel.
  • Wendy Ivins, Director of Collaborative Learning with Industry at the National Software Academy, Cardiff University about their innovative project-based learning approach to teaching software engineering.

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