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Neurodiverse Life Episode #1: Neurodiversity in Education

Welcome to episode one of the Neurodiverse Life podcast from @Cognassist:

In our first episode, Helen Wilson is joined by Gavin O’Meara, CEO and Head of Digital at FE News and host of the recent Exploring Neurodiversity podcast series

We talk to Gavin about his experiences of dyslexia at school and navigating education as a parent of neurodiverse children. 

Looking at what changes the education sector has made and what changes still need to happen. 

As someone who works in the FE and Skills sector, Gavin also shares insight into how educators can adapt to support and encourage people who think and learn differently. 

Here’s to celebrating Neurodiverse Life! 

What are the challenges for educators?

Gavin is all too aware of the challenges educators face, working in the sector himself.

We discuss why communication is key and where support for staff is needed.

Everything we can do to inform teachers and make sure policy is followed correctly will make an enormous difference, and Gavin’s seen it happen.

A parent’s perspective

Making sure your children have the best chance of success is not always an easy process.

Gavin has had his fair share of frustrating and disheartening encounters as a parent, having to move one child to a different secondary school because he wasn’t getting enough support. But Gavin uses this to offer insight into where educators can do better and improve their practices.

Like many in education, he’s all for a practical approach that does right by learners and staff.

Learning to learn

Learning isn’t a linear or straightforward process. It’s complicated, weird and different for everyone. 

So, supporting learning isn’t always just about how we present and deliver information or offering extra time. It’s about asking how each of us learns, understanding the fundamental cognitive processes behind learning itself and supporting those to help people work in the best way for them.

And Gavin shares how learning can take on many forms, from knowing what it takes to ace the Knowledge of London to a school-sponsored sailing lesson.

Neurodiverse Life – the podcast

Welcome to Neurodiverse Life, a three-part podcast series that talks about neurodiversity in the real world. To break down barriers and confront the stigma that many of us face.

We focus on three main aspects of our lives: education, work and our journey to success. Hearing personal stories, acknowledging positive changes and understanding the ways we can do better as a society.

Join Helen Wilson, Science Communications Manager at Cognassist, and three wonderful guests to better understand and celebrate the different aspects of Neurodiverse Life.

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