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Podcast with Forward Trust’s Kate Markey on providing sustainable employment for offenders and clients in recovery

Kate Markey, of Forward Trust

The FE News team had a chat with Kate Markey, of Forward Trust (which was formerly RAPt and Blue Sky), about providing sustainable employment for prison leavers and clients in recovery. We chat in some detail about some ideas on how to ‘breaking the cycle’ of repeatedly destructive behaviour in learners and how to help them into sustained employment. 

Kate was speaking at the ERSA annual conference and had an incredibly inspiring session, showcasing a whole range of innovative ways to engage hard to reach learners. Forward Trust is a charity that particularly specialises in breaking the cycles of crime and addiction, whilst delivering sustainable and long term employment options for their clients. 

Many of you will understand that repeat offenders and clients with a history of addiction are some of the hardest learners / clients to help into sustained employment. During her session at the ERSA conference Kate was able to show many examples of previously repeat offenders, who had now completely turned their lives around. So we thought it would be a really interesting podcast to share with you.

We chat about the different ways Forward Trust, work with offenders to find them sustainable employment, and then how they deliver a slightly different programme to their clients in recovery from addiction. 

Please click on the podcast below to hear what Kate has to say:


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