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Trinity College Dublin selects BibliU for all their e-textbooks

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Trinity College Dublin selects BibliU to provide an institution-wide digital textbook programme.

Regarded as the #1 university in Ireland, Trinity College’s iconic library has implemented BibliU’s learning enablement technology to deliver digital access to essential educational materials.

Bibliu can confirm that Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, has selected their learning and enablement technology to deliver a platform for etextbooks, offering a digital textbook programme. Finalised with support from the Educational Procurement Service, the agreement establishes BibliU as an approved provider of digital resources, allowing all educational institutions in Ireland to acquire BibliU’s solutions via a Framework Agreement.

Last academic year, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Trinity experienced increasing demand for remote access to digital (eText) content. This requirement has been addressed through a comprehensive tender request process managed by the Education Procurement Service.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Trinity College on this important programme,” said BibliU Founder and CEO Dave Sherwood.

“A university of particular historical significance, Trinity College, continues to be a trailblazer in Ireland, on a mission to innovate its approach to content to meet the needs of its students.”

The framework presents a purchasing option to Third Level Educational Institutions (including Universities, Technological Universities, Institutes of Technology, Education and Training Boards, ETB schools, primary, post-primary, special and secondary schools as well as ETBs acting on behalf of schools) to procure digital content on the BibliU platform.

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