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A quarter of young people face insufficient careers advice

Nearly one in four school and college leavers did not have enough information to make informed choices about their next steps, according to a survey of more than 6,000 students.

The survey, commissioned by The Student Room, also found that only 18% felt there was no expectation to go to university, seeing them instead consider alternatives such as vocational courses and Apprenticeships.

One student told researchers: “I had to speak to my neighbour who had attended the college to understand what a good combination would be and receive suggestions.”

Jason Geall, chief executive of The Student Room, said the study shows there is a “black hole” in schools’ careers advice, and students from disadvantaged backgrounds are suffering the most.

“We urge whoever wins the next General Election to make immediate and long-lasting changes to schools’ careers advice in the UK, so that students are properly informed, can fulfil their lifetime ambitions, and not have any regrets,” he said.

Natalie Thornhill

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