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Action plan launched to help skills delivery

SkillsActive’s Sector Skills Agreement (SSA) was formally launched yesterday, marking “the beginning of a long-term relationship between employers and stakeholders in delivering skills”¦to Scotland”.

Yesterday’s launch at the Oran Mor arts venue in Glasgow follows months of consultation, the findings of which will be formally released at a later date by the Scottish Executive’s Deputy Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning, Allan Wilson MSP. It coincides with efforts the Scottish Executive has made recently to engage people in the topic of further education, and secure learning as a focal point for concern.

SkillsActive chief executive, Steven Studd said; “We are pleased to launch our (SSA) for Scotland at an exciting time. With Scots doing well on the world stage of sport, an investment into Active Schools, the review of Physical Education, the pilots of the United Kingdom Coaching Certificate, along with Glasgow’s bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games, means that sport is high on everyone’s agenda.”

Based on an assessment of current and future skills required, and current training provision, the SSA action plan includes a set of six core solutions for the active leisure and learning sector, with additional priorities and objectives established for home counties and sub-sectors.

Improvements are pledged in the quality and range of services provided, recruitment and retention, along with aims to match training supply to employer demand, upskill the existing workforce, increase sector investment, and source funding for training.

Ashley Pringle, SkillsActive head of home country development said: “Our SSA shows how employers are engaged in the process of addressing the needs of the sector and helping to set its direction and priorities. By creating the qualifications employers need and want, and by providing integrated flexible work pathways for individuals, we will be ensuring the growth and success of a dynamic industry”.

Leona Baldwin.

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