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Alun Pugh Visits College to Open New Facility after Funding Injection

Deeside College has benefited from a high profile political visit to celebrate the launch of their new Lifestyle Fitness suite, which has been the result of a cooperative venture.

The college is continuing a story of investment and success that has held Wales in such good stead in recent years. The fitness of young people is extremely topical at present, with an increasing number of voices calling for greater youth participation in sport and social activities to combat, amongst other issues, the potential problem that childhood obesity can prove to be. To open the centre this summer, they welcomed Alun Pugh AM, Clwyd West AM and Minister for Culture, the Welsh Language and Sport.

The Investment

The cooperative venture is one that has seen Deeside College work together with Lifestyle Fitness, who are operating the fitness suite at the college. This has resulted in the investment of more than £1 million. The college did possess a fitness suite before this renovation; the new suite is the result of the redevelopment and extension of the existing suite. This has included the addition of a mezzanine floor and a separate dance studio.

The new centre is set to be one of the best in the United Kingdom and will be able to offer state-of-the-art equipment including the latest resistance machines to tone or develop muscle and cardio-vascular (working the heart) activities to students and staff at the college. The facilities will also be open for use to the local community and businesses.

There will also be the opportunity to use innovative audio visual entertainment systems while they exercise, enabling the participants to listen to music and watch TV on their own personal screens. With more than 100 different machines to choose from and with alternatives for those wishing a more participatory exercise ““ such as dance and aerobics/Healthy Heart studios ““ the centre is set to offer members a wide choice of exercise routines.

Fit as an FE ““ idle?

The Principal and Chief Executive of Deeside College, David Jones, said: “Were very pleased that Alun Pugh AM could take time out of his busy schedule to come and officially open the Lifestyle Fitness centre for us. We look forward to working with Lifestyle Fitness to promote these outstanding facilities to all students, staff and the local community.”

Carl Gripenstedt, the Chairman of Competition Line and Lifestyle Fitness, said: “In the short time since we opened Lifestyle Fitness at Deeside College, we have made great progress towards achieving our membership targets, as more and more people find out about our excellent facilities and the positive impact fitness has on their lifestyle. With the support of the great team of staff, our members are now well on the way to achieving their personal fitness goals, ranging from weight loss, toning, and improvement of their general day to day fitness.

“As a fitness facility located in a small community, people are talking about our state of the art fitness suite and studios and recommending our facilities to others,” he concluded. “We look forward to welcoming new members with the continued support we experience locally and from the college.”

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