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AoC publishes guide to strengthen bond between college and business

The Association of Colleges (AoC) has announced the launch of a new guide to help colleges “build ever-stronger relationships with employers”.

The guide, Hiding the wiring – a best practice guide for communicating with employers, aims to support business development and communications professionals in colleges to communicate more effectively with businesses.

“Building strong long-term partnerships requires effective communication, but the methods needed will depend on the type of business with whom you are looking to work. This short handbook is full of ideas and examples for communicating with different businesses, starting new relationships and holding on to them,” says AoC chief executive Martin Doel.

The publication will be distributed to colleges this week, but an electronic version is already available in the publications section of the AoC website.

A spokesman for the AoC, which represents and promotes college interests and provides members with professional support services, said “the guide focuses on relevant marketing and public relations research and covers topics as diverse as branding, reputation, internal communications, social marketing, market research and support software”.

Mr Doel added: “Whatever the financial climate, the contribution of Colleges to economic development is significant; during a recession the need to further enhance the national skill-set is brought into even sharper focus.”


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