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Association of Learning Providers Calls For End To Confusion On BoND

The Association of Learning Providers (ALP) have urged David Blunkett to address management issues at the Job Centre Plus (JCP) agency.

At their annual conference, the ALP called for an end to the confusion caused by Building on the New Deal (BoND), which threatens uncertainty for training agencies hoping to secure JCP contracts. The problems arose when JCP implemented new contracting practices. The ALP want the Department of Work and Pensions to review the process, warning that employers may become frustrated with the New Deal and Ambition programmes.

The ALP emphasised that greater cohesiveness between JCP and the Learning and Skills Council is crucial as both agencies face tough budgetary pressures, a belief supported by the ALP members who contract with both organisations.

Open Market for Learning

At the “Partners in Learning 2005” event, ALP’s leaders once again called for the LSC-funded learning supply market to be opened up, thereby complying with the Government’s promotion of a national skills strategy driven by the demands of employers and learners.

The ALP cited the success of the Employer Training Pilots, where local employers have the freedom to choose the provider they want. The Association wants accelerated progress on opening up the market and has received public support from Sir Digby Jones, director-general of the CBI and LSC board member.

Dan Atkinson

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