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Awards ceremony held to honour hard work and diligence of college

Welsh College Ystrand Mynach held an award ceremony last week at Caerphilly Castle to honour the achievements of its students.

Student attainment was recognised at the event as certificates and prizes were handed out, with Principal Bryn Davies acknowledging the importance of the event: “Apart from achieving successful results in their studies, it is rewarding for students to have their friends and relatives present to take part in their celebrations”.

Bryn added: “Being a student at College involves more than just attendance and prize-giving is way of recognising that special input”.

Also present at the event was the Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills, Jane Davidson. She presented the awards to the students and praised staff for their hard work and dedication.

The Minister also praised Bryn Davies for progressive and innovative leadership, offering her congratulations to the college for the boost in attendance numbers brought about by their expanding network of outreach centres.

Ystrand Mynach’s Vice Principal, Joan Siddle, echoed Bryn Davies” sentiments towards the awards ceremony: “This kind of event is invaluable in boosting the confidence of the students”.

“It gives them a great sense of achievement and it plays an important part of “The College Experience”.

Alex Gore.

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