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Bank Summit highlights importance of developing staff

Leading people and organisational development experts are urging companies to invest in staff to make the best of poor trading conditions.

Clydesdale Bank’s inaugural People Development Summit, held last Friday in Edinburgh, brought together top experts to discuss how investing in employees can support a company during tough trading conditions.

Trace Peckett, the Bank’s people development partner, says: "The outcome of the Summit has confirmed how important it is for companies to invest in the development of their talent. During times of difficulty, being able to rely on your team is vital and investing in them is advisable."

Members of the Summit included linguistic expert Rebecca Davies, who outlined the importance of talent management within an organisation. Duncan Bury and Jane Buick, of people and organisational transformation company Miascape, aired approaches on developing organisational thinking. Rhona Shepherd, of Sports management and business development group Red Sky Management, used her slot to stress the importance of coaching.

Clydesdale Bank also shared its own skill share approach to members and detailed the tools they use to coach, guide and support individuals in their career progression.

"As an organisation we place a high value on our people and we appreciate development opportunities across training, exposure and experience are very important. We encourage all our members to spend quality time in considering how they can improve their people development, which in turn will help strengthen their business," added Ms Peckett.


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