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Barry Lovejoy Talks Exclusively to FE News on 2005 and 2

FE has seen a year of change and development, with growth in some areas and pay / investment injustices in others. FE News are delighted that Barry Lovejoy, Head of Colleges for the University and College Lecturers” Union (NATFHE), was willing to offer our readers an insight into his take on 2005 and his view ahead towards 2006.


Question: “What was the most significant development for FE in your opinion in 2005?”

Barry Lovejoy: “The decision of NATFHE and AUT to create the largest post 16 educational union in the world.”

Question: “What was the area of FE that you feel has been neglected this year?”

Barry Lovejoy: “Adult Education in particular and staff pay generally.”

Question: “What has been your proudest moment of the year?”

Barry Lovejoy: “That Zorah, my daughter, (a new 16 year old FE student) insisted that she came along to demonstrate with NATFHE members in Birmingham last month for fair funding and pay.”

Question: “What was the funniest memory from FE ““ work or otherwise – from this year?”

Barry Lovejoy: “It was pleasing to hear that FE was at the cutting edge of anti age discrimination (but not statistical analysis) by employing lecturers aged 102.”


Question: “If you had to choose three things for FE’s Santa to bring for 2006, what would they be?”

Barry Lovejoy: “That the Welsh assembly takes over FE in England and ensures implementation of agreed pay rises in every college; that the funding gap with schools is closed for ever; and an end to the negative government spin of failing colleges.”

Question: “What is the agency / organisation other than your own that you expect to be most heavily involved in furthering FE in 2006?”

Barry Lovejoy: “Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) and the National Union of Students (NUS).”

Question: “What changes do you fear will affect FE negatively in the coming year?”

Barry Lovejoy: “Too narrow a focus on vocational specialisation at the expense of social inclusion achievements, and an obsession with contestability.”

Question: “Which of next year’s conferences do you think will be the most exciting / interesting and why?”

Barry Lovejoy: “The last ever NATFHE conference in May of course – a celebration of the end of an era and the dawn of an exciting new one.”

Everyone here at FE News would like to thank Barry Lovejoy for his time and contribution.

Jethro Marsh

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