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BECTA announces plan to ensure confident use of technology

A three year strategy is launched to help FE learners gain the benefits of technology.

The Minister for Lifelong Learning, Further and Higher Education, Bill Rammell, has launched Becta’s three year strategy for technology in further education, skills and regeneration. The new scheme has been developed in partnership with Ofsted, CEL, QIA, LLUK and LSC. It will ensure the further education system is guided and supported so that it’s able to use technology effectively in teaching, learning and business systems.
Mr Rammel said: “We owe it to learners and employers to reap the many rewards technology offers.  The practical support the strategy offers will have a real impact on how colleges and providers deploy technology.  That’s why we will invest an extra £4.25 million a year up to 2011 in this strategy.  This Government is committed to technology in learning, recognising the contribution it will bring to the nation’s economy and social cohesion.”
The strategy was announced at the annual Association of Colleges Technology, and Jane Williams, Executive Director of Further Education, Skills & Regeneration at Becta, is expected to detail the support that will be made available on Friday.
Ms Williams said: “Technology changes everything.  We want to see colleges and providers capitalise on its potential, to engage effectively with learners, manage resources and design the curriculum when today’s geographical, physical, temporal and cultural boundaries are being swept away by technology. Becta’s Next Generation Learning campaign is key to this as it aims to put technology at the heart of learning to improve education and training in the UK.”
Chief Executive of e-skills, Karen Price, said: “We are delighted that Becta is championing how technology can, and should, be used to deliver flexible and tailored learning that is fit for purpose and better meets employer and individual needs.  We need to invest in technology, but everybody tends to forget to invest in the skills of the people – we mustn’t underestimate the importance of that.”
A number of colleges and providers are already proving how the effective use of technology can lead to greater satisfaction, motivation and progression, as well as savings in time and cost. Becta’s new strategy aims to further ensure the whole further education system is able to realise the benefits of continually advancing technology.

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