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Chinese TV Crew Takes To the Southern Coast

Hundreds of millions of people across China will be introduced to British culture and learning through the eyes of 20 students studying in Brighton thanks to a new documentary.

China Liaoning Television and Beijing Television are producing a fly-on-the-wall documentary at City College Brighton and Hove which follows students from Beijing studying English at the college this summer. The program aims to show how students adapt to cultural differences and will follow them on a variety of excursions throughout the UK that have been organized for them.

City College’s International Student Recruitment Manager, Jeremy Histon, says: “The summer school and the publicity generated by the resulting documentary provide us with a unique opportunity to show the best not only of City College, but also of the city Brighton to the worlds biggest population. As the Chinese economy grows, more and more students are looking to the UK for their education. These students are worth billions of pounds to the UK economy and the more we can bring in to Brighton the better for the citys economy too.”

The World Grows and Shrinks

China is an expanding economic superpower and the latest official figures for its economy, the sixth-largest in the world, show it is growing at an even faster rate than expected. It expanded by 9.5% in 2004, its highest rate for eight years. China Liaoning Television is based in Shenyang, North China. Liaoning TV’s satellite channel covers all of China and the Asia-pacific area through the Asia No.2 Satellite. They have over 82 million permanent viewing families and an audience somewhat in excess of 330 million.

Shine Yong Shan from Communications Company Sky Dynamic, who has been publicising the summer school in China and facilitating the TV crew says: “This summer school is evidence of the solidarity of the Chinese people with the British people in the face of international terrorism’s attempts to prevent such friendship and spirit between peoples of different nationalities.

“In July the first group of Chinese tourists arrived in London to much official fanfare and even a Royal reception. This was a significant development as the UK tourist market opened up to the largest population in the world. The London attacks took place only days before this celebratory moment between our two nations. The fact that this summer school is still happening, when so many tourist groups and summer school visits have been cancelled this summer, is a tribute to City College’s collaboration with Sky Dynamic.”

Brooke Van Dam, International Education Correspondent

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