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Collaboration formed to take multilingualism forward

A national language centre in the UK will advise a European Commission on formulating the next stage of its policy on multilingualism.

Isabella Moore CBE, Director of CILT, the National Centre for Languages, will meet with EU Commissioner Jan Figel throughout next year to discuss a broad range of topics including languages and research, new technologies for translation and interpretation and strategies to promote language learning.

Speaking on the joint initiative, she said: “We need to develop a better understanding of how multilingualism contributes not only to educational and cultural life, but to the functioning of our shared economy. This group provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge and develop our thinking and I am relishing taking part”.

And Commissioner Figel was equally effusive about the partnership: “Multilingualism is at the heart of the European project. The High Level Group brings together some of the best experts in the field for the benefit of all the languages spoken in the European Union”.

“I am confident that this group will make a significant contribution to the promotion and preservation of Europe’s multilingual heritage”.

Vijay Pattni.

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