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Curricula to Benefit from £100,000 Windfall

In a move to enrich the quality of education provision in East England, a £100,000 fund has been set up, and the bids for the money are already racing in.

The move seems set to further develop the provision of vocational and work ““ related learning to the 14 ““ 16 year olds of the area. The money has been secured by the Government Office for the East of England (or GO-East) from the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) and will be dedicated to providing a richer and broader curriculum for the region.

A number of bids have already been received for access to this pot of funding, originating from a range of regional partners, and are currently being considered by GO-East. They will ensure that any project that benefits from this money makes the best possible use of the funding provided. GO-East will also ensure that any activity is co-ordinated with the many initiatives underway in the region.

Skills for the Future

The funding will seek to build upon the services already offered in the region. Already many 14-16 year olds across the region have the opportunity to study off-site at a college or with a training provider for one or two days a week, work towards worthwhile vocational and work-related qualifications, and develop their knowledge and understanding in a work context.

Mervyn Stokes of the Learning Support Team at GO-East explained a little more regarding their hopes for this funding: “Our main priority is to capture the attention and involvement of employers so they can contribute their expertise towards helping teachers deliver vocational courses that reflect true working life.”

Mervyn also pointed out that this funding was intended to be a next step on from what had gone before, highlighting past achievements: “We also want to build on last years project that saw the creation of a DVD for businesses, which showcased great examples of vocational learning across the region; plus the dedicated Work with Schools website, which provides an invaluable resource for teachers seeking to enhance pupil learning.”

And now, the £100,000 will be another investment in the future success of the young people of the region, as Mervyn Stokes put it: “Ultimately, these funds should improve vocational and work-related learning and afford young people the opportunities they need to succeed and become the skilled employees of the future.”

Jethro Marsh

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