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Government launches grants to boost maths and English teaching

The government is introducing grants worth up to £20,000 to encourage more maths and English graduates to teach in FE colleges.

Grants of £20,000 with be offered to maths graduates and there will also be £9,000 available to those teaching English.

According to a recent government survey, 24 per cent of the population do not have sufficient numeracy skills, with 15 per cent lacking basic literacy.

Skills Minister Matthew Hancock said: “It does not matter whether you are studying vital skills like carpentry or studying at university to be a research scientist there is not a job in this country that does not need maths and English.

“These bursaries will help us recruit the brightest and best teachers so we can improve standards and provide people with the basic skills they need for a rewarding career.”

The bursaries will be available for two years, and a grant of £9,000 will also be offered to those who want to specialise in teaching students with special needs.

The move comes after the Wolf Review showed less than half of students have both an English and Maths GCSE at grades A*-C at the end of Key Stage 4 (age 15/16).

This figure is still below 50 per cent at the age of 18, and only four per cent achieve this credential during their 16-18 education.

To help combat this, the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) aims to establish high quality CPD provision for maths teachers.

NCETM director Charlie Stripp saidL “The NCETM wants all teachers of mathematics to have access to high quality CPD. There are now higher expectations for students required to study mathematics post-16 and so it is vital that there is sustained support for their teachers. That is why we are keen to work in partnership with the Centres for Excellence in Teacher Training to ensure that CPD provision really meets the needs of the workforce.”

Natalie Thornhill

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