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Half HR professionals and employees desire flexible skills

Jobseekers need to have a varied mindset and develop flexible skills to make the best of a difficult jobs market, according to a CIPD survey.


Drawing from an online poll of more than 100 HR professionals, and results from the quarterly Employee Outlook survey of over 3,000 employees, CIPD observed half of both groups favoured such skills as the most marketable.


CIPD’s resourcing and talent planning adviser, Claire McCartney, said: "It is interesting to see that a flexible mindset and skills are considered more important than more traditional achievements such as qualifications and technical or professional knowledge.


"In addition to flexible skills and mindset, business acumen, interpersonal skills and customer service skills are all very important in helping people stand out from the crowd in today’s turbulent economic climate.


"These findings should be encouraging to those who are considering a change of career or for graduates who have to broaden their search to find work. They suggest that in today’s current climate, demonstrating the right attitude and fit with culture go along way."


Respondents from education, health and voluntary sectors were more likely to agree with the need for transferable/flexible skills. Employees from public and voluntary sectors tended to identify the need for interpersonal skills.


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