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Interview with City College Brighton and Hove Student Alexandra Krystova

City College Brighton and Hove student Alexandra Krystova is in her second and final year of the colleges HND multimedia course. She is one of the students lucky enough to have her production work broadcast on the new ITV broadband channel. Nonetheless, it wasn”t just luck that saw the student’s film broadcast, it was also down to long hours, hard work and dedication.

Alexandra Krystova: Moths

Twenty-eight year-old Czech Republican Alexandra Krystova came to the UK with the intention of learning English and to gain a new experience. However, whilst working in Brighton, Alexandra met some City College students and decided to attend the college and get a taste of English education. She started by studying web design, which, in turn led her onto the HND multimedia course and she is now completing her second, and final year.

Having her film broadcast on ITV broadband was an exceptional opportunity for Alexandra. “It’s very hard to study in the Czech Republic,” explains Alexandra. “In the UK I feel quite free whilst I am studying whereas back home it’s very hard work, they have exams at the end of every term and you have to take around ten to fifteen subjects, if I was still there I would be working and not studying.

“I enjoy the UK, apart from the weather,” she continued, “and I especially like its multi-cultural environment. I have met many different people from different parts of the world which has made it very educational and very interesting.” Alexandras film “Moths” (which can be viewed, along with the other students films, by clicking here) is based on her own movement and expression of the music she chose to use.

What is in a Name?

She chose the theme Moths because it is something that is close to her heart. She then used the music in the production to express her own movement and feelings. If you watch the production you will see two white dots where the moths are moving and developing, these dots are actually the movements of Alexandras hands. When asked where her ideas and inspirations came from, she answered: “My ideas simply came from my imagination, I have never seen anything similar and when I thought of myself and my own movement it made my production real.”

A lot of hard work and long hours went into Alexandras production. She said: “It took me a long time to complete my film, we had five weeks to finish the project and I spent many hours each day producing my work to exactly how I wanted it.”

Alexandra has applied to carry on studying at City College and also to a few other universities, she has not decided where to go yet. When she finishes her studies she hopes to carry on gaining new experiences and would like to work in the creative industry. “I am always looking for something new and for new creative ways of doing things,” said Alexandra. “I would love to create more animations based on movement.”

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