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LDA announces new £40 million programme for London

The London Development Agency (LDA) have released details of a new £40 million “Opportunities Fund” to support voluntary and community organisations across the capital.

The fund will finance projects that boost economic development and improve skills and employment opportunities for minority groups. It is hoped that it will build on the success of previous LDA-run programmes, and is in accordance with Government encouragement on inclusion and community spirit being prime factors in today’s urban landscape.

LDA chief executive Manny Lewis said that individual organisations would receive up to £1.5 million in funding, and that many projects would also be co-financed by the European Objective 3 programme. Grants will be awarded through an open bidding process, and the LDA has promised to provide support and assistance to organisations wishing to apply.

Roots in Grassroots

“There are hundreds of grassroots organisations throughout London doing great work, many run by small dedicated teams who pour their heart and soul into what they do,” Mr Lewis said. “However, many of them are held back through a lack of funding. The new LDA Opportunities Fund will invest in high quality innovative projects to plug this funding need.”

The LDA sees the development of skills in London’s workforce as crucial in the ongoing success for the city. Mr Lewis pointed out that addressing the problem of unequal skill levels in different communities was one of the main challenges the capital faces. The LDA is working closely with the LSC, the SSCs and Jobcentre Plus to co-ordinate efforts to help individuals realise their potential and benefit the economy.

Mr Lewis and the LDA hope the Opportunities Fund will “harness the skills and dedication of local groups to meet London’s needs” – and they mean that most sincerely, folks.

Joe Paget

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