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Learner Assessed and Passes Inspection through the Business

The European Social Fund (ESF) has supported hundreds of initiatives throughout the United Kingdom enabling Further Education to reach more individuals than ever.

Last week, yet another example of the telling contribution that this programme has on the lives of the learners became clear when Ony Okosa, from Centa, was assessed by a Capital and Quality Limited(CQL) Assessor. She is studying on the Business Adviser Development and Accreditation Project and successfully met the SFEDI standard. She is the first of the participants of this programme to receive this award.

The Programme

But what does the ESF Business Adviser Development and Accreditation Project actually mean? The programme is designed to promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace, amongst other things. Co ““ financed through the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) London Central, it is targeted at increasing the capacity of organisations and individual black and minority ethnic(BME) business and information advisers working within the London central communities.

This includes providing high quality advice and support, in particular on training and development, to organisations and individuals seeking support to start or develop enterprises. A development and assessment programme is provided to assist organisations and individuals with learning, assessment and accreditation against the standards of professional competence identified within the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI) occupational standards.

Pride in Achievement

Ony Okosa was proud of her hard work’s recognition, saying: “Business is ultimately about people. So, understanding your clients the best way you can, helps you to get to the bottom of their issues and allows you to find ways round what they might perceive as insoluble problems. SFEDI broadened and deepened my knowledge of people, different business sectors and the factors that could affect the way in which businesses are run locally and international.

“SFEDI provided an opportunity for me to step outside the daily short term vision of the business world and consider the possibilities of the bigger picture,” she continued. “I can say quite honestly that it was the most stretching and thought provoking programme I have ever been on. I am grateful that the training could be provided free through the ESF.”

Ony was presented with her award by Roger Hobbs, the Managing Director. Helen Nicolau, the ESF Contract Manager for the LSC, said: “This achievement is a result of hard work and commitment from both Ony and the project delivery team. Well done on being the first and we look forward to many more success stories!”

Jethro Marsh

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