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LSIS and UCU launch first guide for FE college staff governors

The first guide for FE college staff governors is being launched by the Learning and Skills Improvement Service and (LSIS) and The University and College Union (UCU).

“Governing bodies are critically important for colleges to self improve and staff governors have a key role on those bodies. LSIS is very pleased to have developed this guide in partnership with UCU and other stakeholders, building on the expertise already in the sector,” says David Collins, LSIS chief executive.

The new guide, Hearing the Voice of the Staff Governor, will help governors contribute more effectively at the top of decision making. Each FE college must have up to three staff governors on the governing board, and one of the ways the guide helps is by making it clear when and where the role is restricted.

UCU general secretary Sally Hunt says: “I am delighted to be launching this clear and essential guide for college staff governors. Staff governors, many of whom are our members, play a crucial role in college governance and are essential in getting the views of staff across to management and other members of the board. They can help influence a whole range of college policy making and the guide articulates the best way to go about doing that.

“As colleges go through major changes in the New Year, staff input will be crucial to help meet the challenges. I fail to see how any college would not benefit from the input of the people working at the coalface day in day out.”

The guide is being launched tomorrow at the UCU-UNISON-LSIS annual staff governors’ conference. Copies can be obtained via contacting the LSIS Leadership Skills for Governance team at [email protected]

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