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New Division of REDTRAY Launched – REDTRAY Translate

Since its inception in 2001, REDTRAY, a specialist education and training company has developed a broad portfolio of training solutions, delivering bespoke, content, technology and consultation services to multitude of clients. Its credence stems from an ethos that focuses primarily on the transference of new skills to workers, and with a belief that “REDTRAY just trains”, you can see why.

The increasingly globalised nature of the workforce has led to widening disparities in the standards of training, and as such production. Recognising the need for conformity in the sphere of worker education and training, REDTRAY believe they have come up with the solution: REDTRAY translate, a newly created division that will provide professional translation and localization services for REDTRAY’s existing international client base whilst also appealing to a new client base both at home and abroad.

Bob Woodland, CEO of REDTRAY, said: “We are very excited about the launch of REDTRAY translate”¦ as it enables us to provide an even more encompassing service our international clients”. He goes on to add that “many of our existing clients need to translate their training and e-Learning courses into multiple languages for their staff all over the world.”

Syntax and Lexicon

Developed on a pool of native speakers who reside in their country of origin, REDTRAY appreciates that understanding the cultural context of the translation is as important as a comprehensive knowledge of the linguistic nuances particular to every language. As such REDTRAY requires that its translators meet and adhere to strict criteria in order to maintain the high standards it has set for itself.

Pip Laycock, Translation Services Business Manager of REDTRAY translate believes the new division will provide “a professional, high quality, cost effective translation service for businesses”. Her optimism is based upon the company’s expertise, one that she is quick to point out “¦ stretches across many languages and multiple industries and sectors. Current clients come from a variety of industries, including IT, legal, financial, medical, advertising, marketing, governmental, training and petrochemical.”

Whatever the need of the client or the nature of the business, REDTRAY deems itself uniquely placed within the education and training market. REDTRAY believes that the responsive character of the company affords for the blending of training solutions to meet the clients” needs. An expanding business coupled with an increasing client base suggests that this is not just a belief held by the company, but by the market as well.

Micheal de la Fuente

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