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New research indicates curriculum delivery needs to be improved

Lecturers and teachers are not properly equipped to deliver vocational education to 14-16 year-olds according to two new reports released earlier this week.

“Behaving Like Adults ““ Meeting the Needs of Younger Learners in FE”, and “What Works for Learners 14-16”, were both published by the Learning and Skills Network highlighting, among other things, that more needs to be done in developing literacy and numeracy skills, and improving curriculum design and delivery.

Trixi Blair, Development Adviser at LSN, says: “While colleges are providing some staff development to work with younger learners, it is clear that there needs to be continued support and investment in this area, particularly in developing the skills required to engage and teach younger learners, and not just in behaviour management”.

Funding arrangements were also identified as causing a lack of coherence in policy across schools and colleges, with staff unable to deliver, ideally “seamless provision”, citing it “unlikely to occur at present”.

The report recommended that schools and colleges should put policies in place to meet the varied requirements of all young people.

Irene Watt.

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