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Popular Course on Work – Life Balance from TUC Education Online from September

Growing demands being placed on individuals in the workplace are being recognised by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) Education department in their decision to put their Work ““ Life Balance Course online from September 2005.

The course will offer exactly the same quality of learning, with the same provision of tutor support, materials and so forth. It will still afford the opportunity for union reps to network with each other (furthering the sharing of best practices across the country, an area in need of constant development), but will be a flexible course offered on the internet to allow even greater levels of participation.

Increasing Participation and Awareness

The organisation of working time has always been a central plank in trade union activity, and over the past decades the average working time per week has decreased thanks to union vigilance. Now, issues arise regarding the organisation of the time allocated to working, with unions engaged in matters such as the intensification of work demanded by sudden shifts in demands for services and / or goods. At the same time, the changes in domestic, economic and social conditions mean that unions now have to meet different concerns regarding personal and re ““ training demands from workers.

The course, based on the premises set forth in “Changing Times: A TUC guide to work ““ life balance”, is intended for union representatives to allow them to more effectively assist members in negotiating the balancing act. It can also be used for joint union ““ management training, as it promotes the view that successful employers in either the public or the private sector involve unions and workers in any decisions on change.

The course is available in a 30 hour package. It should be noted that online learning does not represent an alternative to paid release from work for learning, which is provided for in law. The demands on individuals are changing as fast as anything else in this world, and the TUC is committed to helping its members meet these challenges.

Jethro Marsh

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