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SFEFC Set To Give An Extra £60 Million Funding To Scotlands Further Education Colleges

Scotland’s 45 further education colleges will receive a £29.4 million increase in their annual funding along with a further £28 million increase in estates funding. Colleges will receive £467.4 million from the Scottish Further Education Funding Council (SFEFC) for the 2005-06 academic year for learning and teaching and other associated activities, while the £65.9 million estates funding will be used for major new estates developments as well as maintenance and repair work and to assist colleges in adapting buildings to meet disability legislation.

“We welcome the much needed increase in estates funding,” said Roger McClure, SFEFC Chief Executive. “In this 21st century, we should aim for all students and staff throughout Scotland to benefit from excellent facilities. That is our objective and with the continuing help of the Scottish Executive it is achievable.” The funds have also been allocated to cater for further education across the board, which will include; the delivery of teaching to students, student support in the form of bursaries and grants and information and communications technology programmes to support e-learning to name but a few.

Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije

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