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Teaching English in Angola

Beaconsfield Language Services are celebrating the signing of a contract to provide interpreter training to Angolan soldiers. The task will involve flying to Luanda and teaching on-site, at the headquarters of the Angolan Army, to run a four week programme.

Recent events in Angola make grim reading. The Civil War and collapse of recent years have taken a cruel toll on the people, but since 2002 peace has returned and Angola is now one of the fastest developing African nations. Whilst it is still a fact that extreme poverty and dilapidation are the norm, the rapid growth of recent years has transformed the country, which now assumes a proud and leading role in establishing peace on the African continent.

A pivotal aspect of such operations is the ability of peacekeepers to operate alongside predominantly anglophone allies. Thus, the students will receive intensive instruction in interpreting and, as a result, the Angolan Army will have a pool of highly skilled linguists.

James Gilmour of Beaconsfield Language Services said: "Teaching professional English is completely different from teaching general language and we are extremely pleased to put our expertise to such good use. We look forward to being of service to other organisations which require quality English language tuition."

Pictured: Alan Corbett, instructor, teaching Congolese peacekeepers

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