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Teens Are Taking on Big Business Roles in Bedfordshire

A group of 25 teenagers, some as young as 14, have been selected to take part in a business management development scheme.

For one day each week, students will take management classes at the local FE Bedford College. The school is normally for students 16 years of age and older but organisers hope the more vocational and professional environment will help these young entrepreneurs.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for these young people,” said Jeff, Offer Executive Director of the Education Business Partnership.

The Government’s Vocational Vision

The organisation has secured Government funding for the project as it fits into the Government’s plan of more vocational training for UK students. The Government wishes to see students learn important work and development skills to aid in their further education and careers.

Bedford College was chosen because of its reputation as a Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) in business and management training. It is has a “real office environment” within its business department where students have to conduct themselves as in the work place.

“This is not a course for the weak-willed. It’s going to require commitment from pupils and parents,” said teacher Penny Charnock.

Equipped for Decisions in the Future

The students involved in the scheme will be expected to continue studying for at least seven GCSEs during four school days. They will also be expected to work towards the programme’s three major qualifications: a double GCSE in Applied Business, a Level 2 Technical Certificate in Business Admin and a NVQ Level 1 in Business Administration.

Organisers hope that at the end of the two year project, students will be well equipped to make decisions regarding their future, whether that be studying A-levels, taking vocational course or working as apprentices.

“This is a course for go-getters who want to start on a pathway which can lead to a degree and which raises their aspirations and vision about being in the world of business,” said Kirsty Maidment of Bedford College’s Business Department.

Kate Watkins

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