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Ten Students from Yale College Short Listed for National Heritage Exhibition

Ten students from Yale College in Wales were short – listed for inclusion in a National Heritage Exhibition in Wales, it was revealed.

The exhibition is one inspired by the thoughts and hopes of young people on the future of Wales, and the role that this future has to play in deciding their own image and identity. This theme of identity is one warmly supported by the National Heritage, as the exhibition was unveiled at the Heritage Lottery Funds Wales Identity Day on November the 22nd.

The students were inspired by all things Welsh, it seems. The display featured expression through painting, sculpture, film making and prose. The students produced work based on four elements of Welsh heritage, including “myths and memories”, “wild Wales” (or what is described as “our national heritage”), Welsh idols, and “heavy metal and rock” (or what is also called “our industrial heritage”).

The Winners

The opening night’s ceremony saw the winners of each category announced. This came after being judged by a panel featuring a popular TV presenter in Iolo Williams, who was joined by a young Welsh artist, Lowri Davies, along with several representatives from the Arts Council and Heritage Lottery Fund. Two of the students from Yale College were announced as winners; Bradley Whyte, for the category of “Icons and Celebrities”, and Nicole Marshall for “Myths and Legends”.

Nicole said that she had based her piece on her experiences gained from studying on the National Diploma in Photography. Her work was inspired by nature and the spirits therein, having gained inspiration from Gwaragedd Annwn, Welsh water spirits, living in a sunken castle in one of the Welsh lakes. Bradley said of his work: “I decided to base my work around education in Wales, since I believe this is where the future lies for us.”

Their tutor, Lesley James, was delighted at their success, saying: “I told the students that we had won something: seeing their faces when it became clear that they had won two of the four categories was fantastic!” The Director of Faculty at Yale College, Bryan Lloyd Jones, said: “We are really proud of the quality of work and wide range approach our students have taken in response to this exciting exhibition. The themes have given the students broad scope for exploring highly creative ideas, with work that shows the individual commitment and attitude towards Wales.”

Jethro Marsh

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