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UK Marketing Agency Plans to Raise Profile of Space Education

The marketing and creative design agency C8 has recently won a three-year contract with Space Connections, the UK Space Education Office that links education providers, the space industry and space-related education projects.

C8 and Space Connections will work to develop a marketing plan to raise the profile of the organisation, which currently works as a resource and information portal. The purpose of union is to develop a way to encourage young people towards science and technology-based learning through a medium that is exciting, stimulating and motivating.

This announcement is hot on the heels of news that The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) claims that too many young people are turning their back on science and technology due to faults in the education system. Accordingly, they also claim that future scientists are being lost because of a stripped-down curriculum, a lack of specialist teachers and uninspiring careers advice.

“This opens up an entirely new universe for us,” explains C8 co-director, Alam Zeb. “We will be working with Space Connections and their stakeholders to develop the marketing plan, which means that we will be in contact with the European and Russian Space agencies, as well as education providers, and space industries across the UK.”

One of the major challenges they face will be working with stakeholders to ensure that educators, local authorities, government organisations, and space industries are able to utilise and share resources. Although space education provision already exists in the UK, it is very fragmented. One of C8’s goals is to develop a marketing strategy that will encompass and resolve some of these issues; auditing what provision is already available, discovering new resources that can be used in a learning environment, researching potential funding streams, linking industries with education and identifying resources that can be developed into tools that teachers can use.

Bradford was found to be an ideal location for the C8 group as it supports an energised space and space-related industry. The city itself is home to a vibrant cluster of satellite and satellite technology companies, resource and research centres.

C8 is one of the growing numbers of successful new businesses developing in the improving economic climate in Bradford. The company recently relocated to newly refurbished Velocity offices, based in the city centre, and received an instant boost.

For Mr Zeb, the benefits of Velocity are obvious, he said: “We saw an immediate improvement to our business. We won our largest single contract to date and we have seen new business grow by 25% since the move. Our customers love the new location and we have also been appointed as resident marketing consultancy for all of the customers within the centre.”

“I think we are entering a new and exciting phase for businesses based in Velocity, and Bradford as a whole. The project director and team are planning a packed programme of events and activities for customers, which can only be good news for businesses.”

Paul Keely.

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