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Work-based learning “integral” to FE

Work-based learning providers have now “earned their place as integral and equal parts of further education” following publication of an adult learning report.

The Chief Inspector of the Adult Learning Inspectorate, David Sherlock, has today delivered the final annual report, before the body’s merger with Ofsted next April, noting that the headline inspection data for work-based learning was “very impressive”.

Mr Sherlock remarked on the sector’s progress as “an extraordinary achievement for work-based learning providers”, noting that more than half of the grades recorded over the past year were top 1’s or 2’s.

Responding, Chief Executive of the Association of Learning Providers, Graham Hoyle, said: “Ownership of quality assurance should lie with the provider. However, most providers will always welcome an outside source of support in their mission to raise standards further”.

“This is why we will not rest on our laurels as a result of today’s findings and why we are willing to work with the Government and partner organisations to ensure that the ALI’s legacy of disseminating good practice continues”.

A statement released today from the ALP notes the difficulty work-based learning providers faced in measuring success rates: “Nearly five years after the issue of unfair measurement of work based learning provision was first highlighted, the ALI report says that new valid comparisons to be made between learners” achievements in different parts of further education and training are likely to reveal work based learning as being more successful and effective than before”.

However, the ALP urged caution, concurring with Mr Sherlock that under new arrangements, the “promotion and sharing of best practice”¦were in danger of being lost”.

And in a nod to the government’s recent drive for contestability in FE, the ALP also agreed with Mr Sherlock that introducing the measure into post-16 education and training “can work effectively to raise standards further and more promptly to eliminate poor provision”.

Vijay Pattni.

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