If you’ve recently applied for student finance, you’ll want to check the progress or status of your application to make sure your money is ready for starting your course.

Sign in to check your application status

There’s no need to call us if you only want to check your application status, instead you can sign in to your online account at www.gov.uk/student-finance-register-login.

The chart below shows which status will likely show on your account as your application progresses.

When you submit your application

Your status will show as: Application submitted.

It usually takes us 6 to 8 weeks to process an application, there’s no need to call us for an update while we do this.

While you’re waiting for an update you should check your ‘to-do list’ in your online account in case we need more information or evidence from you. If you do not complete the actions on your ‘to-do list’, your application will not be able to progress.

Before your application is approved

Your status may show as: Verifying payment details.

This means we’re checking some details you gave us in your application to make sure we’ll be able to make payments to when your course starts. These checks usually take around 2 weeks. If we need more information from you, we’ll get in touch to ask for it.

When your application is approved

Once we’ve processed your application and we have all the information we need to approve it, your application status will show as: Payments scheduled.

This means there’s nothing else you need to do and we’ll be ready to make payments to you when your course starts. You can check your bank details are up to date by signing in to your online account.

Other application statuses

If you’ve checked your application status and it’s not showing any of the statuses shown above, we may be checking some other details you’ve given.

Application status What this means
Your application is incomplete You have not finished filling out your application, you should make sure you’ve given us all the information we need and then submit it
Awaiting payment details You need to give us your bank details so we can schedule your payments. You can update your bank details by signing in to your online account

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